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Reiki is Love

The Reiki method is a natural system of harmonization and energy replacement that maintains or recovers your health.  We can even say that it is a method of stress reduction. It is a proper system to awaken the power that lives within us, capturing, modifying and enhancing our energies.


Therapy works as an instrument for transforming harmful energies into beneficial ones.  Each person has a particular process in the sessions. It can be done just for relaxation. But the most common is for those looking for a specific improvement.

Reiki is transmitted through the “laying on of hands”. It treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  It creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation, a deep sense of peace, security and well-being. During the treatment, the patient feels a wonderful flow of positive energy passing through his body.  It is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and improvement that everyone can use.

It can be used along with other medical or therapeutic treatments to alleviate side effects and promote faster recovery from them.

When the session is over, the body relaxes and the heart rate settles down to a resting level, making you feel very rested. Some customers even feel as if they are waking up from a long and pleasurable night's sleep.

So if you are in pain, stressed, sad or have some specific disturbance in your life, which you can't solve, Reiki will bring you clarity, free you from tensions, help you overcome your pain and make you feel more loving, happy and receptive.

Reiki is love. It is better felt than spoken. Come transform your life. Come feel relaxed, feel at peace, more secure. Come and feel very energized. Come and feel a very great well-being that Reiki will provide you. Come and feel happier.

How Reiki can help you

Reiki is indicated for anyone who seeks to heal himself, develop self-knowledge, relieve physical pain, relieve emotional pain, decrease anxiety, reduce everyday tension, alleviate panic syndrome, relieve physical pain, fatigue, nausea, insomnia. Reiki helps to improve immunity. And it helps the patient feel more in control of his life. Among other things we can talk and discover together how to improve.

To learn more about Reiki, watch the video below:

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