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WHO i am

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Passionate about Communication and the Human Mind

My name is Fabiano Machado Ferreira. I am a certified hypnotherapist by the Associação Catarinense de Hipnose (ASCH) and GetMind Coaching from Rio Grande do Sul. I practice clinical hypnosis at the "Espaço Terapêutico Mente Livre".

I also have training in the field of education. I was once the owner of a communication company, "Social Communication Company", better known as "SCCompany". I have always had a great passion for communication. And I've always worked in this area.

After understanding that the most important communication a person can have is the communication this person has with himself. I decided to put my efforts and my studies to help people communicate with themselves. I decided to help people solve their personal, professional, and especially mental problems.


I take great pleasure in working with psychotherapy and acting as a mediator between the patient and himself. I also take great pleasure in helping people to look within and rebuild themselves, finding and developing the best version of themselves. I am very happy to be able to lead those who seek help through the maze of their own minds. And help them get rid of their beliefs and be free. Help them feel normal again. And I can say that I feel fulfilled when I see clients leaving the clinic feeling much lighter and much happier.

Psychotherapy changed my life. And you can change yours too. Come talk to me, and meet my work. I'm sure you're here for a specific reason. Nothing is by chance. You've come this far. Send me a message. Come meet me and be assured that I will help you make a positive change in your life. Come free yourself from your pain. Come be happier. Because you deserve to be happy.

To get to know me a little better, watch the video below:

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